Rock & Gravel

Whether used for decoration or construction, bulk gravel from JC Landscape Supply provides exceptional quality at affordable prices. We carry a huge inventory of gravel that lets you finish any project you’re working on, from walkways and woodland patios to driveways and French drains.

To help you complete so many projects, we offer a variety of decorative gravel types to give your landscaping the exact feel you or your client wants: slate chips, river gravel, pea gravel, and river rounds. It is this great selection that helps you create a truly custom-finished product that perfectly matches the original project vision.

Pea Gravel is one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to create a simple patio in their backyard. The granules are round and smooth, making them comfortable for bare feet. This material is available in many different colors, so you’re sure to find the right style for your home and your yard.

Pea gravel is frequently used in playgrounds, pathways, and driveways because of how effectively it fills spaces and the visual appeal it provides. Using pea gravel for your pathway allows you to connect your landscape to your gardens and other areas. The pea gravel path is easy to install and maintain, and once the installation is completed you need only to spot weed seasonally. Pea gravel is also a more cost-effective method for driveways and walkways than asphalt and concrete options.

Crush and Run

Crush and Run is comprised of pulverized stone and stone dust. Great for driveways, Loose-fill roads, Base/Sub-Base filler, Backfilling and Masonry

Wash Stone

Sometimes simply referred to as “crushed stone”, washed stone stands apart from other aggregate materials in that after being crushed, screened and sized, it’s thoroughly machine cleaned in order to eliminate leftover stone dust, debris, and other residues. Used to help create decorative walkways, replace organic mulch and filler for drainage systems

Washed quarry screenings are best for small pavers and as walkways base and patios.

Mortar Sand

Used as brick and block mortar, patchwork and finish work on concrete walls. The mortar sand’s job is to provide compression strength and resist compaction.

Rip Rap class B

Rock used to armor shorelines, streambeds to avoid water erosion.

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